Friday, 10 January 2014


LOC High suds is a multipurpose household liquid cleaner

Usage & Benifits
It is a unique surfactant blend, which can be used to:

  • Mop floors(Marbles, vinyl, Granite etc.), to clean sinks, worktops (Porcelain & Ceramic), moulded plastic furniture, polished wooden fittings, varnished surfaces.
  • Remove stains from washable surfaces.
  • Launder washable daily-use fabrics.
  • Wash utensils.
  • From 500ml concentrate 83.5 liters of washing cleaner can be obtained. 
Contains coconut oil derivatives making it gentle and mild on hands.

How to create dilute from Concentrate:

Take one liter bottle pour water in it, and add 6ml of concentrate to it and shake it well. Now this 1 liter of dilute solution is your washing cleaner. You can add this dilute to water bucket to mop floor etc.

Applications And Cost per use:

Application Amount  of Liquid
per use
Cost per Use
(At MRP)
Mopping floors (500 sqft.) 3ml Rs. 1.13
Cleaning any other
30ml Rs. 11.25
Hand washing clothes 40ml Rs. 15.00
For dish washing 5ml Rs. 1.88

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