Wednesday, 15 January 2014

G & H Body Shampoo

Gentle G&H Body Shampoo leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, while the wholesome fragrance leaves a fresh, clean scent. Rich in proteins, it gives a thick and creamy lather which deeply cleanses and conditions the skin leaving it smooth and supple. This versatile product can be used as an all over body cleanser as well as an effective hair shampoo. It rinses easily and is pH balanced. G&H makes the skin indulge in the ultimate bathing experience with its fresh floral fragrance. The skin enjoys the touch of nature with G&H Body Shampoo.
G&H Body Shampoo
What makes it Excellent?
Glycerine and honey - Maintains the natural moisture of the skin.
Its PH balance make it best for daily use.
Rich in proteins, nourishing for the body.
Refreshing fragrance of orange and flower.

For complete and Luxurious bath.

Enriched with a unique mixture of glycerine and honey, G&H Body Shampoo is liquid bath soap taht makes the skin feel smooth and soft.

How to Use G&H Body Shampoo?
For best results, use it with Amway Body Sponge:
Wet the sponge
Plunge twice with the pump dispenser on the wet body sponge
Create foam, spread it all over the body and the wash with water.

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